Meet the New Alliance Business Suite

The Alliance Business Suite is a low-code platform aimed to help users quickly create, build and deploy and evolve critical line-of-business applications to deliver operational performance through next-generation experiences for customers, providers and employees.

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Meet the Alliance Business Suite Components

The Alliance Business Suite is a complete solution for your business, designed to let you build and deploy extraordinary fast, data-driven business applications, without complications.

Alliance Business Model ("ABM")
Alliance Business Model ("ABM")

Ready to store and structure your data, the Alliance Business Model lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications.

Alliance Passport Service ("APS")
Alliance Passport Service ("APS")

The latest Identity and access management system you'll need for your business applications to easily connect to your favorite identity providers.

Alliance Business Platform ("ABP")
Alliance Business Platform ("ABP")

Connect the applications you already use and love with your internal and external applications to deliver best-in-class experiences to your users.

Alliance Business Studio ("ABS")
Alliance Business Studio ("ABS")

The Next-Gen Dashboard to manage your businesses and drive effective operations, build amazing digital experiences and exceed customer expectations.

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Alliance Business Suite
Community Edition

Our Community Edition was released to help you make your life easier while increasing your odds for success through the right tools and support required your path for digitalization.

The Community Edition License is not a demo license. You'll get access to the entire ABS. Either if you are an individual or an organization.

In a nutshell, You'll only pay for core licensing fees if you use the ABS on behalf of an Enterprise, who's an organization and its affiliates who collectively have either (a) more than 250 PCs or users, (b) more than 5 hired developers or (c) more than one million U.S. dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) in annual revenues.

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Discover the All-In-One Business Application Development Platform

Jump-Start your digital startup without the hustle by building upon Fenix Alliance's next-generation low code platform and start delivering amazing experiences to your customers.

Alliance Business Suite Modules

Extensibility is a big deal in the Alliance Business Suite development process as we're constantly enabling customers to extend and customize the core functionality to reach unique business cases through modular extensions for the Alliance Business Platform.
Meet our Official Modules.

Deliver Exceptional Business Applications in no time.

Discover the new Low-Code Business Application Development Platform by Fenix Alliance and get access to the Alliance Developer Program where you can get developer access to free tools and software to jumpstart your projects.

Simple & Powerful tools

The Alliance Business Suite is a complete solution for your business, designed to let you build and deploy extraordinary fast, data-driven business applications without complications.

We ❤ Developers. Genuinely.

Developers are today's rockstars. For this reason, we're constantly building solutions to help them unchain their skills. Get to know the brand new Alliance Business Solutions and discover how we're constantly crafting digital tools to empower next-generation innovation.

Alliance Business Suite Integrations

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By providing you with a tremendously powerful solution ready to support your own world-class business applications, we're advancing on our goal: to help your organization to reach beyond expectations. But it doesn't end there. We're here for you during your development process and once you're ready to launch, our success team will help you design your route towards amazing outcomes.

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