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Our mission is to help you succeed by providing you with temendously powerfull solutions to help you build your business.

The Alliance Business Suite is a low-code platform aimed to help users quickly create, build and deploy and evolve critical line-of-business applications to deliver operational performance through next-generation experiences for customers, providers and employees.

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Get a 360° View of your businesses.

Through the Alliance Business Studio you can not only get a comprenhensive outlook from your organization, but also to delight your customers, suppliers, employees and more by giving them tools based on the entire power of the Alliance Business Suite to easily manage their entire relationship with your business by giving them control of their profile, wallet, deals, orders, payments, subscriptions, licenses, invoices and so much more!

Build Beautiful UIs.

With ABS Media Portals you can create interfaces that users can't help but love. Each Portal can be built either on the Alliance Business Studio or IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio to harness the power of the Alliance Business Suite in order to deliver custom low-code applications that look and feel great on large desktop screens and mobile devices.

Ready for your favorite UI components!

The extensibility capabilities of the Alliance Business Suite include the ability to import the UI components you love. From Syncfusion to MudBlazor, if it works with .NET or is part of the web stack (HTML5), it's already compatible with the Alliance Business Suite.

Meet the Alliance Business Suite Components

The Alliance Business Suite is a complete solution for your business, designed to let you build and deploy extraordinary fast, data-driven business applications, without complications.

Alliance Business Model ("ABM")
Alliance Business Model ("ABM")

Ready to store and structure your data, the Alliance Business Model lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications.

Alliance Passport Service ("APS")
Alliance Passport Service ("APS")

The latest Identity and access management system you'll need for your business applications to easily connect to your favorite identity providers.

Alliance Business Platform ("ABP")
Alliance Business Platform ("ABP")

Connect the applications you already use and love with your internal and external applications to deliver best-in-class experiences to your users.

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