Fenix Alliance for Finance

Helping to enable the financial Sector for the global economy.

Because we have a passion towards helping to shape a brigter future for our communities, we are helping to enable finance organizations through technology and leading managed solutions to deliver personalized experiences, boost corporate performance, monitor the business, manage risk and accelerate growth while reducing operational costs & customer fees.

Drive Corporate Growth

  • Drive efficiency with flexible technology and intelligent processes.

  • Optimize your operations to transform your business.

  • Connect your team and your business like never before.

  • Get the full picture of your entire company, with reports when and where you need them.

  • Accelerate your business to catch up with the change.

  • Automatically configure your systems and processes so your people do not have to.

The CFO Role has changed, have you?

The emergence of the digital age is expanding the priorities and functions of CFOs and financial executives. Today, more than ever, finance is strategic for the business and its leaders require a high degree of technological sophistication to boost corporate performance.

Operational excellence

We recognize that you are in an unprecedented position to help your company achieve its profitability, growth and productivity objectives by addressing technology as a business priority. Fenix Alliance can help you by providing the key business intelligence, the cloud and the productivity technologies you need to do more and reach beyond expectations.

Stay ahead of the curve

We understand the necesity for financial organizations to stay on top of the innovation trends while mantaining regulation compliance, data privacy & security. For this reason, we help them build & execute proven digital strategies & solutions with the added trust os the world's biggets technology companies.

Drive Corporate Growth

Grow your business by predicting, evaluating and responding to market opportunities in real time.

Use machine learning to anticipate market trends and predict areas of focus. Evaluate market opportunities in real time by taking your own internal data and combining it with external data in seconds. Get information from millions of rows of data without any technical knowledge and use it to share compelling information. Drive business impact and make faster decisions with secure and instant access to visual data on any device.

Corporate performance

Boost corporate performance with familiar data visualization tools that allow your workforce to collaborate and deepen knowledge

Create a true digital company based on data connecting everything in your organization: people, processes, data and systems. Next, it provides its staff with family data visualization tools that allow them to deepen knowledge and collaborate to boost the impact on the business.

Strength your Digital Strategy

The emergence of the digital era is broadening the priorities and roles of financial and financial managers. Today, more than ever, finance is strategic for the business and its leaders require a high degree of technological sophistication to boost corporate performance.

Our expertise plus enterprise-ready technologies.

Powerful partnerships that work for your business success.

Get to know the technologies that drive corporate innovation and colaboration to a next level.

Transcend boundaries: Transform your business with the flexibility to bridge cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions.

Software & solutions

Project accounting

  • Accounting and billing
  • Grant management
  • Project costs control
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Solutions Interoperability
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Business Intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence

  • Standard and analytical reports and Server Reporting Services
  • Pre-defined data cubes adapted to roles
  • Board views with KPI
  • Self-service reports
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Software & solutions

HR Management solutions

  • Management of basic human resources
  • Talent management solutions
  • Staff Administration Solutions
  • Business Travel and expenses management
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Software & solutions


  • Process, Lean and discrete manufacturing planning
  • Product configuration
  • Plant management
  • Original Electronics Equipment Manufacturing
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Software & solutions

Supply chain management

  • Inventory management
  • Multi-site warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Promising order
  • Quality management
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Software & solutions

Financial management

  • Ledgers
  • Receivable and Payable Accounts
  • Accounting of Commitments
  • Cash and bank management
  • Financial Supervision management
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