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Managed Mobile Productivity

Our Managed Mobile Productivity services ensure that your corporate apps and data are secure, providing mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management (MAM), and PC management capabilities. Employees can access corporate resources from virtually anywhere on any device, while corporate information remains protected.

Identity and Access Management

Protect identities and data with our Identity and Access Management services. Utilizing behavioral analysis to identify breaches and threats, we provide actionable insights and a sound approach to managing users, groups, and securing access to both on-premises and cloud applications.

Information Protection

Our Information Protection services keep company data secure across employees, partners, and customers. Reduce the risk of data loss, vulnerabilities, and compromises while enabling safe sharing with minimal user friction. Manage and monitor your data securely and efficiently.

Cloud Security

The Security Landscape

The current digital security landscape is complex and ever-changing. With more advanced threats, intricate compliance requirements, and challenging infrastructure, keeping data, workloads, and users secure is more than a full-time job. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to address these challenges head-on, ensuring robust protection for your business.

Securing the Enterprise

With nearly a decade of experience, Fenix Alliance has developed a robust set of security technologies and practices. These ensure that our cloud infrastructure is resilient to attacks, safeguard user access, and keep customer data secure through encrypted communications, threat management, and regular penetration testing.

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