A future-minded business ecosystem.

Everything we do is meant to help people around us to realize their entire potential. We do this by enabling humans and organizations through next generation technologies.

Our business group is here to deliver more value than ever before through amazing initiatives, services and solutions.

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We found out that way to better serve our communities was by broadening our services across a business ecosystem. Meet the new Alliance.
Alliance Business Suite

Fenix Alliance's Lead Business Development Platform became an owned company since 2020

Architektur Allianz

Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's FinTech for the Cooperative Sector.

FBX Studios

Fenix Alliance's Entertainment Producer.

Infinity Comex

Fenix Alliance's eCommerce platform and LOB became an owned company since 2020

Learn Alliance

Fenix Alliance's Academic Platform became an owned company since 2020

Minnext Technologies

Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Real State Listing engine became an owned company since 2020

Reach Design Studios

Fenix Alliance's Creative Agency became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020

At Fenix Alliance our strategy for success is to help others to succeed.

We understand how difficult it can be to enable your company through technology in a world where the management of complexity now is not enough. The reason we are committed to your vision is to help you drive your business success by providing the right tools and solutions to collaborate and get the job done better, faster and easier. Why? Because we like to help people first and then become a reliable resource.
Alliance Solutions Providers

Partners and Developers

Fenix Alliance's comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading solutions will help you win more customers and revenue for your business. Join to one of our partner programs and find opportunities to grow your business around the world.

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Boomlabs Academy

Raise your skills to an A+

Build your skills and advance your career. Fenix Alliance's Virtual Academy (Boomlabs Academy) offers premium IT, Business, Marketing, and Sales training for Developers, IT Pros, Teachers, Data Scientists, designers, students, and entrepreneurs.

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Alliance for Startups

An Alliance by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We get it, It's hard. We're helping startups like yours to grow faster by giving advice and continuous training from leading professionals in business and sales, as well as free support in the implementation of cloud-based solutions and the search for seed capital and necesary resources to carry out your business model in a solid and profitable way.

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You are in good company.

We understand the power of cooperation, that is why we have established Partnerships with world leading companies for the development and deployment of cutting edge solutions, as well as the best service through these strategic alliances.

Deeply committed to our people.

We believe that people are great by nature, in their ability to reinvent themselves, to transform the world with the necessary means. At Fenix Alliance we are characterized by our deep commitment to our customers, associates and collaborators, since we seek to inspire a better future by delivering the highest possible value in everything we do.
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Our commitment to build a place where world-class technologies converge with passion and excellence to reach beyond expectations makes Fenix Alliance Group a trully growing experience.

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Technical Support

Enterprise-Grade Support

Support is a core part of our value proposition. We're committed to deliver the best Support experience troughout all of our offerings by enabling customer centric support models that work for you and your organization.

Support Center
Sustainability at Fenix Alliance Group

Working for a brighter tomorrow

At Fenix Alliance Group, sustainability is a key part of everything we do. Fenix Alliance has been - and will continue to be - a strong advocate for local and global solutions that accelerate a future of clean energy, economic growth and social development.

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